ecoAccount Services: Send money

Send money in an instant with your ecoAccount

  • Quick and easy
  • Multi-currency
  • Worldwide
  • Inexpensive
  • Online set up
  • Secure

Send money in an instant with your ecoAccount

With an ecoAccount you can instantly send money across the globe and in any of 45 currencies. Whether it’s a birthday present, money you owe a friend or helping a family member abroad, you can instantly and inexpensively send them money through your ecoAccount.

Sending money with ecoAccount is:

  • Instant - funds will be received in seconds.
  • Flexible - send money in any of 45 currencies.
  • Easy - it's all done online or via your mobile, no need to visit the bank.
  • Quick - takes seconds to set up.
  • Secure - money goes directly into the recipient's ecoAccount.
  • Convenient - funds can be instantly accessed and spent through the ecoAccount, ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard.
  • Inexpensive - one of the cheapest on the market as there are no costs for the receiver and only a small charge of 1.5% for the sender.*
    * International Money Transfers are subject to our fees and limits.

How to get started

Sign up for an ecoAccount

It's quick, free and easy.

Verify your account

Go online and follow the verification steps.

Transfer the money

Select the "Transfer Money to an individual" tab within your account.

Simple steps

Follow the simple steps to complete your transfer.

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