More Choice to Top Up Your ecoPayz Account

Multiple ways to top up ecoPayz account

ecoPayz Payment Solutions gives you more choice top up because it is all about making payments quick, secure and simple with your ecoAccount. ecoPayz provides you multiple ways to top up your account so it is your choice to use your online bank account, credit, debit cards or popping into your bank branch and funding your account over the counter.

In addition to this, with your ecoAccount you have the flexibility to use your account in multiple currencies at no extra cost. Buying goods on international sites and sending money could not be easier as you can pay in the currency you choose, also helping you save on local exchange fees and removing the hassle of currency conversion.

Even more, with your ecoAccount you can instantly send money across the globe and in any of 46 currencies. Whether it’s a birthday present, money you owe a friend or helping a family member abroad, you can instantly and inexpensively send them money through your ecoAccount.

Here is the multiple top up options to fund your account

Use your online bank account, debit, and credit cards to top up your account

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