Introducing a new way to get your ecoCard PIN number

Get your ecoCard pin number through your ecoAccount via website or mobile app

Ordered a new ecoCard? You can now get your pin through your ecoAccount online and mobile!

Instead of waiting for your ecoCard PIN to arrive in the post, you’ll be able to do so securely through your ecoAccount. Your PIN is needed at cash machines and when making purchases in stores with Chip and PIN.

How do I get a pin number?

1.) Once you have activated your ecoCard, you can retrieve your PIN online by logging in to your ecoAccount or ecoAccount mobile app. Click to view your ecoCard and follow the step by step instructions how to retrieve your PIN.

2.) Should you wish to change your PIN to something more memorable, you can do so at most bank-owned cash machines. Go to "PIN Services" and follow the instructions on screen.

Your first online PIN advisement will always be free but future PIN reminders will be charged at €0.50 per request.

Note: For the benefit of our customers, while we are going through a transition period you may receive a letter with a pin number. This will be the same number that you can retrieve online.

Register for an ecoAccount or log in to your ecoAccount now.

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