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Merchant Referral Application

What is the Merchant Referral Application?

The Merchant Referral Application is a unique marketing tool which enables merchants to advertise specific campaigns directly to customers whom they have referred to ecoPayz. Once referred to ecoPayz, the customer will receive a specific campaign from the merchant every time he makes a deposit. The application works through a unique tracking code wherever ecoPayz is advertised within the merchant site.

Getting started with the Merchant Referral Application

To start using the Merchant Referral Application marketing tool:

  1. Place a unique traceable code on all links leading to ecoPayz on your website

    The code must contain the merchant’s unique MID:

    1. for new registrations only –{unique MID}
    2. for new and existing registrations –{unique MID}
  2. Prepare banners that will be used for advertising on the ecoPayz website

    Two possible options can be utilized:

    1. 1 big banner, up to 320 pixels tall,
    2. 3 small banners, each up to 100 pixels tall.

    The banner (or banners) will be displayed following an ecoAccount deposit on the "Successful deposit" screen.

How do I set up the Merchant Referral Application?

Log in to your account

Click the "Log in" button and log in with the username and password you chose during registration.

Go to the "Manage Banners" page located in the "Tools" menu

  1. Select "Register new group of banners"
  2. Type the name for your campaign
  3. Upload your banner(s)
  4. Enter the banner URL
    Type in the exact URL where you would like the advert to go through to (this might be a specific landing page for your promotion or perhaps just your home page).
  5. Click "Upload banner(s)"
    Once the banner(s) is uploaded to the system your campaign will go live.

Note: Any merchant can upload multiple campaigns. To pause a campaign just uncheck the "Show" box next to it.