Send money internationally with your ecoAccount eWallet

The ecoAccount gives you a safe, convenient and flexible way of receiving, sending and spending money worldwide all on one online account

Free, easy and convenient

Opening an ecoAccount is free, only takes a few minutes, and you can start using your account immediately.

Plus you don’t need a bank account and we don’t run any credit checks.

Opening an ecoAccount is free and easy
Spend at millions of locations worldwide

Use your ecoAccount to pay at online stores and merchants, in up to 10 currency accounts with 45 currencies supported, with no set up fees.

For even greater convenience, apply for up to 3 ecoCards in different currencies, or use our one-use virtual cards for added security.

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Private and secure

The security of your information is our priority, and your financial details are never shared when making payments online.

We use the highest standards of data security and encryption, so you can rest assured your money and information is safe and secure.

The information on your account is secure and encrypted
Your personal financial information is not shared with anyone or your payment method disclosed.
Our latest security and fraud solutions limit your exposure to fraud and theft.
We use the highest levels of encryption using SSL/TLS protocols.
We are certified for and comply with the Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards.
Top up your way
Fund your account how you want – by card, direct from your bank account or other local services.
Using your online bank account
Using credit or debit cards
Popping into your local bank
Using local services
Send money
Receive and transfer money immediately online to friends and family worldwide at low cost.
Great rates
Receive money from friends or family worldwide
Send money to friends or family worldwide
Choose from a range of account levels
to suit your needs
Access to our rewards, offers
and competitions