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Getting started with my ecoAccount

Is the registration free of charge?

Yes, the registration is free of charge.

Why am I asked to fill in security question during registration?

Filling in the security question and answer information is a requirement for all ecoAccount holders. It is necessary for preventing loss of the password — the only way to restore it is by answering the secret question.

I have not received my password during registration. What should I do?

Your password is chosen by you during registration and is known ONLY to you. We do not keep a record of your password.

What are the requirements / restrictions for the ‘Password’ field?

Your password should be at least 8 and up to 128 symbols long. It must contain at least one number and one capital letter. Only Latin letters are allowed. It should not be too short or too simple. It should not be identical to your e-mail address or contain repeated sub-strings of characters. The password field is case sensitive: it distinguishes between lower-case and upper-case letters. We recommend the password to be a combination of letters and symbols. Keep the password in a safe place and do not disclose it to any third party.

Please review our password guide:

  • Use a combination of numbers, letters or symbols
  • Try substituting letters for similar numbers as a simple way to add complexity to your password e.g. 3 instead of E, 4 instead of A, etc.
  • Use a mixture of upper and lower case characters
  • Choose something easy to remember but hard to guess, like a statement or phrase (e.g. 1mTheBestCook)
  • Make it lengthy — each character used increases a password’s strength many times over
  • Change your password often.
Do not:
  • Use your e-mail address as your password
  • Use a single word that can be found in the dictionary
  • Use a name
  • Use information that can be found in your wallet (e.g. Driver’s license number)
  • Use information commonly known about you (e.g. your favourite sports team)
  • Use a repeated string or sequential pattern of characters (e.g. abcdefg, 222222)
  • Keep a record of your password anywhere on your computer
  • Use the same password for multiple accounts, particularly those that are less secure.

NEVER reveal your password to anyone. We do not keep a record of your password and we will never ask you to disclose it. Remember that in accordance with the ‘PSI-Pay terms of use for your ecoAccount’ it is your responsibility to keep your login details secure:

(Except from terms of use — 10.2 Other User Obligations)
“…It is your responsibility to keep your Account identification, secure identification, password, security questions and answers and other information specific to your Account confidential and in a safe and secure place. We will consider any transaction as authorised by you where any or part of this information has been provided. Should another person gain access to your Account by passing all identification and security validation and verification checks, we are entitled to treat any transaction conducted by that person as valid and authorised by you and are not responsible for any loss or damage you may incur as a result.”

Which web browsers are recommended?

Your ecoAccount is fully compatible with most modern web browsers, however it is best to use the latest up-to-date version of a mainstream browser. We recommend the latest versions of these browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari.