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Multicurrency Account

What is ecoAccount’s multicurrency facility?

With your ecoAccount it is possible to open your accounts in different currencies. All these accounts will be held under the same ecoAccount.

What are the benefits of opening an ecoAccount in multiple currencies?

Opening your ecoAccount in multiple currencies gives you the flexibility to receive money or pay in which ever currency you choose, whilst saving on FX fees.

  • Flexible – You can open your account in as many currencies as you need
  • Quick and easy – it takes seconds to set up
  • Free to set up – There are no costs in setting up additional currencies
  • Hassle free – All your currency accounts are held all in one ecoAccount
  • Convenient – You can switch between currencies
  • Cost effective – Save on currency conversion fees when abroad or paying on international sites.

How much does it cost to set up?

It’s free of charge.

How do I add a currency to my account?

It is very quick and easy to add a currency to your account. Once you have verified your account and upgraded to Silver Level, just select the “Add Currency Account” tab, choose a name for the account and select the currencies from the dropdown list.

Which currencies can I open my ecoAccount in?

With your ecoAccount you can choose from the following currencies: - EUR, GBP, USD, ARS, AUD, BAM, BGN, BRL, CLP, CAD, COP, CHF, CNY, CRC, CZK, DKK, GEL, HKD, HUF, ILS, INR, ISK, JPY, MDL, MOP, MYR, MXN, NIO, NOK, NZD, PAB, PEN, PLN, RON, RSD, RUB, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, VEF, UAH, UYU, UZS and ZAR.