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How to make a bank withdrawal?

Log in to your account

Click the "Log in" button and log in with the username and password you chose during registration.

Go to the "Withdraw" page located in the "Manage Master Account" menu

Withdrawals can be performed by wire transfer only. Before submitting a new request a payment option (i.e. bank account details) should be added. There is no need to add a payment option if it has already been added. To learn more about payment option registration, please review the following section.

  1. Enter and verify details of the wire transfer

    Select the account to withdraw from, using the corresponding drop-down menu. Then enter the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum 100.00 EUR). Note there is a flat fee of 10.00 EUR. Click "Continue" to proceed.

    If the amount or beneficiary account number is incorrect, use the "Change" link to amend the invalid detail(s).

  2. Click "Confirm"
    You will be directed to the result page.

    The request will be processed in 5 business days however you can follow the status of your withdrawal within your account – the "Withdraw" tab.

    Should you decide to cancel the withdrawal, click the red cross icon to the right of the withdrawal request. You may only cancel the withdrawal whilst the status is "New".

How can I add a bank account to withdraw funds to?

Select "Add" in the "Payment Options" tab and provide your bank information:

  1. Enter payment option name
    This can be any memorable name of your choosing.
  2. Provide beneficiary name
  3. Type in the bank account number/IBAN
    IBAN (International Bank Account Number) must be provided by customers resident in an EEA member state.
  4. Select your bank account’s currency from the drop-down list
  5. Provide the name of your bank
  6. Type in the physical address of your bank and/or branch
  7. Enter the SWIFT/ABA Code
    This could be either the 8 or 11 characters long SWIFT Code or 9-digit ABA/Routing Code. You can enter both if applicable.
  8. Mention the branch and/or bank code if any
  9. Enter the intermediary bank details if any
    Bank’s name, SWIFT and/or ABA, account number will go into this field.
  10. Press "Continue" to proceed
    You will be directed to the second page with all your bank account details displayed. You can use the "Change" hyperlink to amend details if some of them appear to be incorrect or finalise a new payment option registration by clicking "Confirm".